Host memorable events in our function rooms

Special life occasions, in a beautiful setting

Centralværkstedet & Smedien are not like other function rooms. The rustic decor and history of our location provides an edgy contrast to your well-dressed guests that you are very unlikely to find elsewhere. We have hosted every kind of party and function over the years, and we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable evening. 

Centralværkstedet - for big wedding receptions and Christmas dos

Centralværkstedet used to be a place where workshop workers would bash iron for Denmark’s trains. Nowadays, it is a unique function rooms setting, forging connections between people. The untreated brickwork walls and iron columns are a great-looking contrast to the white tablecloths, fancy dresses and smart jackets of a big wedding reception. Our stage (which has proper stage lighting) is a great place for a dance band to set up its instruments and play the bridal waltz at midnight. Our skilled kitchen team and experienced staff are of course at the ready to serve up a delicious evening menu, crowning off an unforgettable evening. 

Centralværkstedet has 1,200 m2 of floor space and is able to accommodate every kind of gathering. The premises are perfect for larger corporate themed events or Christmas “do’s”. In partnership with Grunk Event  we offer a complete evening event, where all you have to do is show up in a party mood.    

Unique gastronomy

Dynamic, flexible room facilities

The space is fitted with sound-damping materials and it is also possible to hire modern AV gear: projectors, screens and audio systems for when the DJ takes over, or when it is time to bring out the karaoke.

There is direct access to a cosy paved patio with garden furniture and loungers, big red stage curtains for closing areas off and a first floor lounge area. This means that Centralværkstedet can be converted into the exact setting you require. We will help you to organise the space so that your guests can move in a smooth dynamic from tables to lounge area and from dance floor to patio area. When the evening draws to an end, your guests can find calm at Comwell Aarhus, which offers perfect accommodation options. 

Smedien for smaller parties and gatherings

Smedien is our smaller function room, with space for up to 200 guests, despite its intimate atmosphere. The beautiful wooden floors, attractive incidental light and central open fireplace provide a unique atmosphere. The open, raw kitchen is a perfect setting for dining events that require something special. 

As the younger men and women in the family enter the adult ranks, Smedien is a perfect space to celebrate this special day. If you would like to show pictures of the person being confirmed, you can also hire modern AV equipment: with a projector, screen and audio system. 

Intimate, central and atmospheric

Smedien has a view of and direct access to a cosy paved patio area with garden furniture and loungers. Like Centralværkstedet, there is plenty of flexibility to move things around and organise the space to that it matches your expectations. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

x-mas parties (Julefrokoster)

Join us in the old Centralværkstedet for x-mas parties. Historic settings for perfect atmosphere, delicious food, music and dance.

Entertainment during the evening is;  Back To Back, Djämes Braun, L.I.G.A. and the band Stagebreaker and DJ.