Centralværkstedet - from workplace to great looking function rooms

The historic railway workshop in Aarhus city centre

The railway workshop was established in 1862 by English building contractors Peto, Brasey and Petts, and the buildings remain very much as they were in those days. It was constructed to service the Aarhus-Langaa-Randers railway, which was the first railway in Jutland. In 1880 it became the Central Workshop for the Danish State Railways, known in everyday parlance as simply “Centralværkstedet” (English - Central Workshop).  

20th century

Towards the mid-20th century, it developed into one of the biggest and most important workplaces in Aarhus, with a workforce of 1,850 in 1949. The number of employees slowly fell after this year and the workshop was partially decommissioned in 1990. The premises were put up for sale in 2009 by DSB and, ever since, Centralværkstedet has been used for many various purposes, including the sale of clothing and furniture. After a number of repairs and renovations, including a new heating system, new kitchen facilities and improved acoustics, in 2012 Centralværkstedet was ready to host concerts, conferences and private events. Comwell took over operations in 2016. 

Our team of skilled professionals now has plenty of experience and we look forward to welcoming your guests to Centralværkstedet.  

The railway workshop used to keep the trains running. Now it keeps the night-time rolling at full steam

DBS’s huge old workshop is a fusion of the raw and the urban, with a modern charm. Right in the city centre, just a stone’s throw away from Aarhus main station, is where you will find Centralværkstedet & Smedien, where numerous unforgettable weddings, corporate parties, conferences and much more. 

Centralværkstedet & Smedien is next-door to Bruun’s Galleri, with its good parking facilities, Aarhus main station and Comwell Aarhus (link). Meeting and conference participants therefore have optimal transportation and overnight accommodation available to them. 

It is also close to Aarhus airport, the seaplane service to Zeeland and the Mjolslinjen ferry.


  • Large patio area
  • Balcony inside Centralværkstedet, for use as a lounge, welcome area, exhibition area of photo wall
  • Option to upgrade the lounge area
  • Stucco, with high ceiling
  • Free view of open pantry kitchen
  • Good pantry facilities