A unique setting for your meeting or conference

From railway repair to visitor care

Use Centralværkstedet or Smedien as the setting for your next meeting, event or conference. Our attractive, central location has plenty of historical character, elegantly anchored in the rustic construction materials from the days when the building was home to a railway workshop. Our professional employees and ambitious kitchen team, along with our flexible configuration options mean that you can be certain that you and your guests will leave with a unique experience.

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Host your larger events at Centralværkstedet

If you are looking for facilities for a larger-scale gathering or conference, Centralværkstedet has the size and flexibility you are looking for. Elements can be moved around to create floor space, or our large red stage curtains can be used to close areas off, as you prefer. With room for 900 people, most things are possible!

The thick iron pillars, untreated brickwork walls and beautiful chandeliers provide a unique urban contrast to the large stage with its proper stage lighting. If you are hosting a corporate conference, for example, you could rent audio-visual gear for vibrant, sharp presentations. The first floor balcony has a meeting room and a large lounge area. When you need to take some fresh air, why not enjoy the direct access to our cosy paved patio area with garden furniture and loungers. 

Meeting room with plenty of options

No matter whether you are looking for a place to host your company’s annual KICK OFF, or a major congress, there are plenty of dynamic and flexible ways to use the venue. The venue can be rented for a single day, or over a weekend with good accommodation facilities at Comwell Aarhus. Our skilled kitchen team is ready to provide the catering you require. Check out our meeting packages for specific details. 

The space is fitted with sound-damping materials and it is also possible to rent modern AV gear: projectors, screens and audio systems 

Smedien - perfect for the intimate company or meeting

For smaller gatherings, Smedien offers an optimal way to downscale, but it is only the size that is scaled down. With its original wrought iron windows, dark wood and transverse roof beams, Smedien offers a unique setting for any business meeting. The large amount of incidental light provides positive energy when focus needs to be maintained over longer periods. There are also flexible options for moving things around, closing areas off and dividing the space into sections, such as for a workshop or course.  

Open kitchen and patio

Although Smedien is a small venue, it still has space for up to 200 guests. If you want to end the day’s proceedings with a meal, the beautiful wooden floors and the open fireplace will add cosiness and atmosphere to every dining event. There is of course also direct access to the cosy paved patio area.

Menus for meetings and conferences

 We also provide the simple catering or lunch for your business meeting, conference or congress. For example; choose “the "better" meeting package” that includes:

  • The large breakfast table
  • Coffee and tea as well as ice water throughout the meeting
  • Large lunch buffet with soft drinks
  • Afternoon sweet