Unique dining experiences - brought to you, or enjoyed at our

Centralværkstedet catering - a fixed component of your event

Our modern, innovative kitchen team has a passion for gastronomy that will tickle your senses. We love the finer details and experimenting not just with new dishes, but with the old classics too. We have buffet or table service, or a combination of the two, depending on what you agree with us. 

For buffet service, the individual dishes are best served in small portion bowls. The starting point is that your guests should be able to enjoy lots of different dishes and delicacies. For functions, the food and service are customised to each individual event, but plate service is the norm. 

Customise the menu with our flexible options

Thanks to our venue’s flexible layout options, there is space to provide a set-up that is both unusual and inviting. This flexibility applies to our reception, dining and bar. On our patio, we are able to offer options such as street food and barbecue.

No matter which type of catering you prefer for your event, our professional kitchen team stands at the ready to provide it. For larger weddings or corporate parties, we of course provide the full package:

  • Aperitif and snacks/appetisers
  • 3-course menu, house wines, beers and soft drinks during the meal
  • Coffee/tea and something sweet, and free bar after the mean, offering the house wines, beers and soft drinks, as well as long drinks
  • late night snack.  

simple catering or lunch for your business meeting

We will also provide simple catering or lunch for your business meeting, conference or congress. 

Why not choose “the better meeting package” which features: 

  •  Large breakfast buffet
  • Coffee and tea, as well as iced water throughout the meeting
  • Large lunch buffet with soda water
  • A sweet afternoon snack 

Food delivered to the customer - upscale catering, brought to your door

Centralværkstedet’s newly-developed ”Food delivery” concept is a service where we bring our high level catering out to your event.

We offer to bring food out to private parties, corporate events, receptions, house-warmings and other events that demand celebration. We offer two types of buffet: tapas and our house specialty; miniatures (a new interpretation of classic French canapés). It is also possible to order sweet temptations.

We are both flexible and creative, and always ready to engage in a dialogue about your event. Contact us for further information.

Delivery, service and staff. Delivery (in Aarhus) - DKK 300 incl. VAT. 

Used cutlery must be returned on the first working day after the event, or by agreement. Collection of used cutlery is available as an optional chargeable service.

DKK 295 per employee / per hour incl. VAT.